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Proud Member Of The Woodpile

Proud Member Of The Woodpile by Bougie Girl Apparel

Hey girl, how have you been? I am good, I guess. You know, life is cool. Are you dating anyone? Oh, really? That's too bad. A fine lookin' woman like yourself.
 So, are you doing anything later? Maybe, we could grab a cup of coffee or something...sometime?
Yeah, I get it you're busy. Truth is, I probably should get going. I have a lot of stuff to do today. Well, nice seeing you. Take care.

Dear Deceived Love

She deceived you. You thought that she was all about love...but, she was all about your money. Yet, it still didn't stop you from keeping her posted upon a lofty pedestal. Until one day, you could no longer turn a blind eye to her true personality. The sparkly persona which drew you in so steadily, now makes you cringe in regret.

You think back to the other women whom you passed over because their looks and persona were not as glittery. Each night, you sit in your palatial home drinking expensive whiskey and cursing her name. How could you have let yourself be deceived by her facade? No doubt, she is cavorting around town with another man. She is probably whispering into his ear and promising to love him forever.

Though your feelings straddle the axis of love and hate for her, you long to hear those loving words fall from her insincere as they may be.

Curdled Love

Curdled Love by Bougie Girl Apparel

Love starts out right and then little by little it begins to turn sour. No one plans for a love affair to go horribly wrong. One moment you are cooing sweet words to one another and the next breath finds you aiming hurtful recriminations. You will learn soon enough that venomous words said during the heat of battle cannot be taken back so easily.

Some Day You'll Have A "Here"

Some day you'll have a "here". Here is the place where you belong, where you are loved, and you are in an atmosphere in which you can grow. You have longed for that place and now it is closer than ever. You can see the edges of its horizon. You just have to get out of your own way. Which is proving to be more challenging than you ever imagined.

My Legacy Will Not Be A Man...

My Legacy Will Not Be A Man... by Bougie Girl Apparel

My legacy will not be a man. How can it possibly be? Not when there are villages to feed, children to clothe, and music to create. The thought of settling for the drudgery of a simple  partnership holds no fascination for me much to the chagrin of my family and friends. They tell me encouraging things such as:
"You are too amazing to stay single." "Plenty of men are looking for someone like you" "Why can't you just settle for a humdrum life with a man whom will take you granted and never acknowledge your contributions like I did?"
The problem isn't that I can't meet men. I meet plenty of men. Alas, many of them don't want to date me...they want to jump the fence of courtship altogether and walk me down the aisle after a short amount of time. I prefer a leisurely courtship in which both parties get to know one another as they truly are, sans the unrealistic expectations and harmful pro…

Selfishness Is A Reflex

Selfishness Is A Reflex by Bougie Girl Apparel

Selfishness comes naturally to me. Ask me for a favor and watch carefully how my body reflexively tenses up.  I like to think of myself as a generous person and I am...when it suits my own purposes.