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Monday, November 4, 2013

NaBloPoMo: Disempowered Feminist

Disempowered Feminist Tee Shirt
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Where  exactly did my power go? Back in the day, I remember marching on behalf of the sisterhood. I recall giving empowering speeches to younger women about the importance of educating themselves and their children. I encouraged stay at home moms to keep the sisterhood going by volunteering and staying current on the struggle. I spoke to working women about fighting for flex-time and part-time opportunities in their respective workplaces. These positions help other women return to the workforce if they so choose.

Isn't feminism really about women choosing how they wish to lead their lives with support from their sisters?

At least, that's what it used to be about. 

Now, we focus our attention on whether or not women are body shaming us with memes on their Facebook pages, we enter into flame wars about younger moms vs. older moms, and we pick on young celebrities for their conduct at award shows...completely forgetting our own struggles at that age.(Spring Break, anyone?)

The saddest thing is that my words and actions as a feminist seem to mean very little. Perhaps, if I used inflammatory language in the comment section of blogs, took everything out of context, and reacted as though everything was a personal attack on me then my message could once again be heard.

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