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Monday, November 11, 2013

NaBloPoMo: Attacked By Biblical Verses

 I am on an online forum having a slight difference of opinion with another poster.
Out of nowhere, they started firing biblical verses at me and I had no idea how to react. My initial reaction was to laugh because who knew that a prime-time TV show could inspire such a biblical filled diatribe against me?

I respond back with a question mark because I am not sure how the particular biblical verse applied to the matter at hand. I was greeted with another biblical verse which still didn't seem to apply to what we were previous discussing.

At that point, I gave up on responding because I knew that I was going to make fun of them. Not because they were quoting the Bible but, because said verses did not apply to our conversation. The poster then  tried to call me out on the forum for my lack of a response to their Biblical attack. Well what happened next was ridiculous.

Other posters dissed my opinion and threw even more unrelated biblical verses at me. My response was to delete my account on the forum. Why not just throw down the hammer and question them further about their unrelated Biblical verses? Because it is going to expend a lot of energy . Energy which I can use on more importance aspects of my life.

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