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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bougie Girl Problems: Wannabe Bougie Mama

She is staring across the table at me with a mix of amusement and disgust in her eyes. I am benignly polite because she is an elder and his mother. He has made his mark in the world as a lawyer. We met in law school. I dropped out after the 1st year and pursued my MBA instead. To his credit, my husband was supportive of my decision.

His mother feels differently. She thinks that he can do better than my mere middle-class background. Never mind that my husband's pedigree is what could best be described as working poor, both parents dropped out of school in junior high, and she barely knows which fork to use.

Alas, this does not stop her from admonishing him for not marrying into a wealthier family.

We purchased her a charming 3 bedroom, 2 bath cottage in a great neighborhood. Alas, she expected us to buy her a McMansion and reminds us of that fact every day.

 She is demanding that we raise her monthly allowance from $500 to $1,000 and to bankroll her yearly pilgrimage to the Caribbean.

 My husband's father passed away a few years ago. He seemed nice. I barely spoke to him because he was out on fishing trips a lot. I suspect that he was catching fish of the female two legged variety.

And really who can blame him?

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