Dear Deceived Love

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She deceived you. You thought that she was all about love...but, she was all about your money. Yet, it still didn't stop you from keeping her posted upon a lofty pedestal. Until one day, you could no longer turn a blind eye to her true personality. The sparkly persona which drew you in so steadily, now makes you cringe in regret.

You think back to the other women whom you passed over because their looks and persona were not as glittery. Each night, you sit in your palatial home drinking expensive whiskey and cursing her name. How could you have let yourself be deceived by her facade? No doubt, she is cavorting around town with another man. She is probably whispering into his ear and promising to love him forever.

Though your feelings straddle the axis of love and hate for her, you long to hear those loving words fall from her insincere as they may be.


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