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Thursday, June 6, 2013

C Student Wunderkind

C Student Wunderkind...
C Student Wunderkind... by Bougie Girl Apparel

I am a educator's worst nightmare. I am a C Student Wunderkind. My high school guidance counselor hated me because his stern warnings about my lack of academic drive did not inspire me to raise my GPA. 
However, he was right about my crappy work ethic being a problem for me down the road. I did take his advice on that score and it was very helpful. In fact, I attribute it to a majority of my success.
See, as a C Student Wunderkind I was free to attend community college and then a small no name 4 year college in the hinterlands of North Dakota sans judgement from anyone. My friends and family were glad that I was in college.
Throughout college, I maintained a successful online retail store selling unusual jewelry pieces which I made in my spare time. It put food on the table and kept a roof over my head. 
Right before I graduated from college, some  TV reality star began wearing my pieces. She was nice enough to give my jewelry a plug during interviews. My business took off like a shot.
Suddenly, I am making more money than my parents and my friends on Wall Street.
I sent my guidance counselor a thank you note along with one of my jewelry pieces.
My advice for all of the C Student Wunderkinds out in the world is to figure out what you are good at and tailor your college degree in that area. It may mean that you have to community college and a no name 4 year school. It doesn't matter. Get the degree and make as many contacts as you can during college. It worked for me and it will work for you, too.

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