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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Body Shamer

 I will find a way to shame you and your body. If I deem you too thin, I will accuse you of kowtowing to the expectations of the Dominant Culture. I will blog incessantly about your "body issues" and speculate out loud whether you ever felt truly loved by your family. I will spew hateful things about the lack of intelligence possessed by those women under a certain weight. I will accuse them of using their collective petite sizes as an oppressive tool against the female gender at large.

 If I determine that you are overweight, I will advise you to never even think about losing weight. Cuz, if I find out that you are attempting to lose weight, I will shame you into oblivion using various social media tools. I will instruct you to ignore your doctor's advice about diabetes and your family's history of heart disease. In other words, I will tell you that your issues are not medical but, rather part of a larger conversation.

I will reduce your entire existence as a platform for my own personal agenda and you will admire me for it.  You are too busy gushing over the fact that I have written you a one-way permission slip to your own eventual demise.

I can honestly say that as a body shamer, I do not care about you. You are a means to an end to me.


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