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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wait, Why Are We Fighting Again???

Wait, Why Are We Fighting Again?
Wait, Why Are We Fighting Again? by Bougie Girl Apparel

Have you ever participated in a long-running feud? One that spans longer than 5 years? At the beginning of the feud you were so hell-bent casting the other person as the "bad" one and doing whatever was necessary to keep the feud going.

Each time the flames of anger died down, you did your best to make sure that the flames of anger and resentment remained sufficiently fanned. The funny thing is that you can't really remember what started the feud.

Was something about a guy that you both liked? Or was it your huge promotion?

Perhaps, it was a guest list which she somehow forgot to include you on?

Over time, the exact cause of the feud becomes immaterial because life waits for no one.

How many more years do you want to cling to a raggedy misshapen disagreement which over the years resembles more of a petty tiff than a life-long feud?

How many times do you plan on trotting out the same long litany of explanations as to why the other party in your feud should beg you for forgiveness?
How long will you forbid your other friends from associating with your sworn nemesis?
How upset would you be to know that your friends don't care about your petty vendettas?
In fact, they laugh derisively at your immature demands and they are all secretly planning to leave you and your pettiness behind.
What about your nemesis? Are they even aware that you are doing your darnedest to keep them a persona non grata?
Most importantly, does your nemesis even care about your machinations?
Or are they derisively laughing at your innate pettiness...just like everyone else?

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