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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Socialization of Superheroes

The Socialization Of Superheroes
The Socialization Of Superheroes by Bougie Girl Apparel
Superheroes are not known for our great people skills. Sure, we know how to save people from dangerous situations but, when it comes to making small talk...well, understandably we are at a bit of a loss. 
Think about it, what mortal person really wants to hear about all of the people  whom a superhero has saved and the crisis situations which were averted because our selflessness and/or our amazing physique?

Superheroes hide from the world during peaceful moments by  painting, writing poetry, or mindlessly strumming a guitar while our thoughts wander. 

However, after the crisis alarm sounds and our very nature compels us to answer the distress call.

We change into our uniforms which come complete with swords, shields, and other weaponry which will assist us in our rescue mission.

Once the distress call has been handled... we go underground again.

This makes being in a relationship with a superhero particularly challenging because most times the love interest's needs will be put aside in favor of someone whom needs immediate rescuing.
Soon, the excitement of being the love interest to a superhero fades into a murky resentment towards  the multitudes of rescuees. 

The love interest knows that asking the superhero to resign, retire, or even take a quick sabbatical is completely out of the question.

Watching them walking away is difficult....but, our hectic schedules rarely allow time to dwell on their departures.

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