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Monday, September 3, 2012

Honesty Monologue: Unattainable

Unattainable by lainie gurl

Have you ever been so close to having everything but, your fear prevented you from taking the final necessary steps? 

Yeah, me too.

 The world sees me as this confident well put together man. Yet, whenever I am around her my air of confidence completely disappears into the vapor. I am struggling to find words to tell her how I feel.

How do you tell a woman that you've been holding a torch for her over a period of at least five years without looking like a stalkerish creep?  Once, I was seated next to her at dinner party and I could barely speak to her. In fact, I was rather cold towards her. She took my chilly attitude in stride and chatted up the rest of the table making everyone feeling welcome.

Sometimes, I wonder if  I truly love her. Perhaps, I  just love the fact she is unattainable to me.

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