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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Freewriting Series: Hurricane: (Insert Name Here)

Hurricane: (Insert Name Here)
Hurricane: (Insert Name Here) by Bougie Girl Apparel

He breezes in making tons of promises which he fully intends to never fulfill. She is always "trying" to do better but, these feeble efforts are only put into motion when she senses that you are about to dump her.

Human Hurricanes have no concept of the pain which they are raining down onto others. Or perhaps they do but, the winds of their dysfunction are too strong to prevent them from taking the feelings of someone else into consideration.

Human Hurricanes unleash ridiculousness and strife wherever they go.  Whenever someone confronts them on their BS, they take their histrionic fits, manipulative behavior, and outright deception on an extended road tour of sorts.
Alas, they return the following season and attempt to use new and inventive BS to worm their way back into your life.

When  dealing with Human Hurricanes,  remember to batten down the hatches of your home and hearth. Also, be sure to evacuate the area until their storm of destruction passes.

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