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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guest Blogger: Carlo Carletti

Preparing for a Wedding in Tuscany Italy

wedding photo taken at the Gargonza Castle, medieval village situated on a hill dominating the Val di Chiana valley

A wedding is always a new adventure, a surprise event that will certainly find a place in my heart and live forever as a unique experience. In nearly 20 years of professional experience this is the take-away: 2 weddings never turn out the same. It may be the chemistry between the couple, friends, relatives and myself, at times it's the stunning surroundings which trigger emotions and behaviors constantly changing during the wedding. The fact is I'm always a bit tense as I approach the location of the wedding - you never know what the impact with the couple is going to be like.

Wedding at Podere Finerri, Asciano - Crete Senesi

Yes there has been an intense exchange of Emails leading up to the wedding day, and yes there have also been some phone calls across the Atlantic or the Channel (for couples getting married in Italy from the UK) but on the day of the wedding everything changes, we finally meet and they are nervous, especially the bride. It's a real challenge to perform at your very best - emotions and excitement are flowing freely and must be captured, demanding absolute attention, creativity and intuition, discretion and inspiration. Contemporary photojournalistic photography is all about being spontaneous and capturing a moment in time, be it in the crowd, or with the couple in their final preparations before the wedding begins.

Wedding in Certaldo, charming medieval walled town of Etruscan and Roman origins set on top of a hill in the province of Florence

Comfort and body space are key elements to a successful wedding photography reportage: we all have a "comfort zone" beyond which nobody should venture - my job is to find that boundary and stay just outside it, without invading privacy. Breaking the ice and getting to know the couple quickly builds up to establishing a relationship I use to put them at ease and trigger a flow of events I'll capture on camera.

Wedding at Villa di Catignano, near Siena is one of the most romantic places in Tuscany to get married: an old, fairy-tale country house in Italian style framed by olive trees and an idilic panoramic view over the surrounding landscape and Siena.

What makes Tuscany so special? I love Tuscany, not only because I was born and live here, but because it truly is a beautiful land rich in history and traditions, offering such a wide variety of locations for unique and romantic weddings with a tremendous emotional impact, few other destinations in Italy or the rest of the world have to offer.


Tuscany Packs a Punch

Weddings in Tuscany are celebrated on the seaside but mostly in the numerous countryside locations or the art cities (Siena and Florence). I owe so much to this land where I learned to picture places and people, a passion I have always had and expressed early on in life as a photo reporter for local papers. I began my career as a wedding photographer in Italy here in Tuscany: roots are an essential part of our life. My wedding photography wouldn’t be the same if I hadn't been nurtured and grown up in Tuscany.

About the Author:

Carlo Carletti is a Top Wedding Photographer for exclusive Weddings in Italy, the only wedding photographer who has won the WPJA Award twice. Carlo is well known in Italy and abroad, frequently requested for exclusive weddings worldwide. Contact Carlo at

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