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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Honesty Monologues: Angels

Angels are all around us. Sometimes, it's difficult to see them because we are so wrapped in our own  daily lives. An angel differs from a hero. A hero is on a journey of understanding and redemption. Rescuing others is part of the debt he/she must pay in order to reach a higher understanding.

Angels don't save others per se, instead they guides us towards our higher purpose. They shine a light and enable us to keep going even during the darkest times.

Below are some suggestions for how we can become angels to those around us:
1. Volunteer at a nursing home or hospice.
2. Organize a book drive for a local community center.
3. Donate materials and sewing supplies to a local theatre company.
4. Support local artists/musicians/writers/actors/dancers by attending their shows and bringing a friend or two.
5. Surprise a struggling college student with a week's worth of groceries.
6. Give a struggling family a gift card to a local store.
7. Donate to a charity which provides prom dresses to low-income families.
The above-mentioned list does not even begin to cover all the ways in which we can be angels for others on their journey.

We all have the ability to be someone's angel 365 days out of the year.

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