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Friday, December 9, 2011

Honesty Monologue: This Is What Vulnerability Looks Like...

I am not afraid to tell the world about my heartache, show my triumphs, or share some wisdom which I have picked up along the way. However, I am not going to  wallow in tales of woe or misery in a public forum, because that's just not my style. The truth is that there are people out here in the world whom would love to have my problems.

I complain about my student loans but, there is someone out there whom would have loved the opportunity to graduate from college and attend a  year of  law school. I whine about my crazy hair but, there are plenty of  bald chemotherapy patients whom would love to have their own. I am exhausted from my working OT in my day gig but, in this economy their folks whom would love having even part-time job.

I refuse to apologize for the vast amount of inner strength which I rock on a daily basis. I have earned the right to hold my head up high through trials, unexpected tragedies, and pain which I have experienced.
I am constantly told to show my vulnerability more often. But, all you have to do is read this blog and listen to my  Bougie Girl Radio podcast to bear witness to my vulnerability.

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