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Sunday, November 27, 2011

What I Want In A Man...

I have been using the law of attraction in all aspects of my life with exception of the arena of romantic relationships. Today, I have made the decision to use the law of attraction to manifest a committed relationship which will lead to marriage.

Below is a list of what I am looking for in a man:
  1. I want a man secure enough in himself to  honor a submissive yet, highly capable woman.
  2. I want a man whom is handlin' his spiritual business and any past baggage (i.e. kids, exes, and/or childhood stuff).
  3. I want a man whom is emotionally available and open to both give and receive love.
  4. I want a man who is ready for committed relationship (sans head games) which will eventually lead to marriage and a family.
  5. I want a man whom can appreciate both the goofball and brainiac sides of my personality.

Now, that this list is out in the Universe. I am going to keep my mind open and my heart filled with love.

I promise to keep y'all posted!

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