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Honesty Monologue: I Am the Side Girl

Side Girl shirt
Side Girl by Snappy Slogans

I am the girl on the side. Songs have been written about me, movies have been made about my situation, and entire books are dedicated to my existence. I am viewed as the enemy by vigilant wives and wifeys everywhere.

But, they have it all wrong.

I am not really a threat to their existence. They don't understand that I am the reason why their man is staying with them.

Most men don't want the hassle of leaving their wives for the side girl. Sometimes, you get a renegade man whom will run off with the side girl. Usually, they end up regretting it and soon afterwards they are crawling back to their wives.

 See, side girls ain't built for domestication. Our specialty lies within the realm of fantasy. We make the men believe that they are strong and capable. In exchange they pay our rent and help us out whenever they can.

Their wives have forgotten how to make their husbands feel like conquerors.

Wives are more concerned with the logistics of running a home and hearth. The man feels lost in the shuffle. He feels like a human ATM machine for his wife.

I am his fantasy girl. I am the one who builds up his ego and tells him that he is perfect no matter what.

Wives could learn a thing or two from me.

I am just sayin'...



  1. Eventually side girls get old too.. old and alone, and used up. Maybe you could learn a thing or two from the wives. See, side girls just WISH they could BE the wife. They want the honor of being able to bear and raise his children. They want to be the one who he puts his head down next to at night. Good wives don't have husbands who cheat with side girls. Good wives make sure before they get married they've got the market cornered and they DO make their husband feel appreciated, strong, capable and needed. Sounds like to me you've come across some already-broken homes and tried to further wreck them. It's easy to wreck something that's already broken.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Actually, I have never wrecked a home or anything like that. The Honesty Monologue Series is a fictional story told from the perspective of someone struggling with a particular moral issue. I


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