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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Freewriting Series: Staying in Your Lane

Staying in your lane=Staying true to yourself!

Back in my younger years, I used to think that the old adage about "staying in your lane" was a limiting one. 

I mean,  there's a whole world  out there to explore. 

Why in the heck would anyone need to stay in one rutted lane? 

Alas, maturity and a dash of wisdom have since kicked in and I now see the brilliance behind this adage. It was not meant to be taken literally, as in only stay on one course for the rest of your life. 

This adage means staying true yourself throughout your life no matter what. If you are an achiever, don't waste your precious time with anchorweights, co-signers, and other needykins. Their antics and BS are guaranteed to always hold back.

If you possess a sensitive and artistic soul, find a career suited for it and stop trying to fit into the mold of Corporate America.

 I know firsthand how difficult it is to stay in your lane. I have been guilty of trying to alter my lane to look like someone else's because I thought that they had a better lane than I did.

In the end,  I realized that their lane was not a good fit for me at all. 

My lane is a non-traditional one filled with the equivalent of flashing lights, polka music, and dusty old science books.

My lane is not for everyone...but, it's perfect for me!

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