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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Freewriting Series: Not All Men Are Cads

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Not all men are cads. In fact, I would go as far as saying that a majority men are decent. However, we as women fail to acknowledge them because we take their kindness and good deeds for granted. The good men are the ones whom we run to after the cad has broken our hearts. We cry on the shoulders of good men and they comfort us with their soothing words until our emotional storm passes. Afterwards, we leave the shelter of their embrace and head back into the proverbial ring with yet another cad. 

Ladies, this unacceptable behavior. On the surface, being with a good man seems to lack the same excitement in comparison to rollin' with a cad. A cad is going to put pie in the sky dreams in your head which he has no plans of ever following through on. While a good man will mull things over before speaking because he wants to make sure that he can deliver on his promises to you. 

You do not have to "tame" a good man or make him change his philanderin' ways. He already has act together and he does not need you to mold him.

My theory is that women get tangled up in cads as a way to hide from our own lives.

"Well, I would have started my dream business but, there was drama between Mr. Cad and me, so I couldn't do it." 


"I was going to start that new exercise regimen but, I couldn't get up early most days because I am usually out at the bar until closing time keepin' an eye on Mr. Cad."

In the long run, hanging out with Mr. Cad burns lots of precious daylight and it makes you embittered towards men in general. Perhaps, Mr. Cad is a very talented n certain areas but, you can't build a long-lasting relationship based solely on  bedroom activities.

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