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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Overcoming the Loser Spirit: Letting Go of the Past

Clinging to our past can really jack us up. By doing so, we get caught up in constantly reenacting past situations, instead of living in the present. 

In addition, clinging to the past keeps us tethered to our mistakes and missteps. It forces us to carry  around perpetual feelings of shame or unworthiness about our previous missteps.

Hanging onto these  negative feelings allows people from our past to manipulate, guilt, and/or harangue us into doing their bidding. We rationalize that our shared history gives them the right to disrespect our boundaries.

We fail to realize that shared history alone does not automatically equal love or mutual respect. We can honor our past, but we must not allow ourselves to be completely governed by it.

Exercise #1
  • Write down 5 people/situations from your past which you are still hanging on to.
  • Write 5 reasons why you are still hanging onto these 5 people/situations.
  • Has hanging onto the past adversely affected your present life? If so, how?
Exercise #2
  • Write down 5 reasons why you want to let go of your past.

Song of  the Day
J.S. Bach's Toccatta and Fugue in D Minor

I honor my past, yet live in the present. The past is over and cannot be changed. The present is gift which must be cherished.

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