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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Loser Spirit Series: 5 Key Ways the Loser Spirit Impacts Your Career


This is the final edition of "The Loser Spirit Series". In previous posts, I discussed the ways in which the Loser Spirit has negatively affected  our children, romantic relationships,  our childhoods, and our lives in general.

Writing this particular post required me to face some not so pleasant truths about  my own career path. I now realize that a majority of my career struggles were caused by my own Loser Spirit attitude. (Not an easy admission for anyone to make!)

I compiled this data using a very informal poll, personal observation, and my own career experiences.

(Please note that there are more than 5 ways in which the Loser Spirit can  negatively impacts someone's career.  However, for the purposes of this blogpost I have narrowed the list down to five.)
Below are the 5 main ways in which the Loser Spirit hurts someone's career:

1. Chasing money with the expectation that it is going to bring you happiness
 After graduating from college, my main career objective was to make as much money as possible. For the first few years out of college, I worked  an average of 60 hours a week. The Loser Spirit instructed me that this indeed was the path to happiness. Yet, I was not happy. Instead, I felt drained and cranky most of the time.

2. Seeking an identity through a job or degree
At one time, I wanted to become an Intellectual Property attorney. My original plan involved me getting a paralegal degree, moving to Los Angeles, and  eventually applying for law school. However,  I chucked that practical plan in favor of going for the brass ring outright.

It was a disaster.

I was dealing with family drama, but I also was a highly functioning anorexic. Not a good combo for one's 1L year of law school. For awhile, law school was the most stable thing that I had going for me and I clung to it like some type of life raft.

After everything fell apart at the end of my second semester, I felt as though I had been robbed of my only opportunity to ever excel in life. Of course, I was operating under a false belief.

In all actuality, my life became better. Leaving law school forced me to do the following: 1) face my issues with anorexia, 2) erect some boundaries with my family, 3) enroll in a Paralegal Studies program, and  4)  cease and desist on expecting a job or degree to give me an identity.  

3. Married to the job
I have watched people figuratively walk down the aisle with their job. Their job consumes them to the point where they have to be plugged into the office at all times. Unfortunately, some jobs out there actually require this type of non-stop dedication.

People in these types of working situations, do not have time for friends, hobbies, or even romance. After awhile this type of existence can  make someone bitter and lonely.

4. Being inflexible
I have watched the Loser Spirit lure folks down the path of career inflexibility. It tells them that the only way to experience career success is by following a linear path. Perhaps, this was the case 25 years ago. However, in this current economy, working  outside of your career field is the new normal.

5. Being a Perpetual Slacker
Some people just do not want to work. Yet strangely, they still expect to be promoted on a regular basis and blessed with frequent pay raises. The Loser Spirit convinces these perpetual slackers that they are entitled to the same gains as those whom actually possess a strong work ethic.

Removing the Loser Spirit from my career was not easy. I went through a whole bunch of emotional pain,   a lot of money, and wasted years before I was fully able to evict the Loser Spirit from my career.

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