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Monday, October 31, 2011

Honesty Monologue: I Am the One That Got Away

I am the "One That Got Away" aka "The Exception" aka the "Holy Grail" for my exes. I live on a pedestal in their mind. They have gingerly placed me there as a way to avoid experiencing true intimacy with their wives/significant others. 

It still amazes me the way in which my exes return  to me battle scarred from their latest relationship disaster with promises of new-found devotion. They seem to forget how they once vowed to never deal with a strong willed woman such as myself ever again. 

Apparently, dealing with a straightforward woman is a refreshing change from the manipulative ones which they seemed so content to pursue. Alas, their appreciation for me arrived too late in the game. Once someone violates my trust,they no longer exist for me in the same way. I can feel love towards them but, the respect I once held for them is gone.  

My role as the "One That Got Away" is to serve as a life lesson. Reconciling with exes whom didn't appreciate me the first time around, would throw off the cosmic balance of things. How would they  ever learn their lesson if I agreed to take them back?


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