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Monday, October 10, 2011

Freewriting Series: Symbols of Stability

What really goes on behind this picket fence?

This white fence has come to symbolize stability for so many of us. We picture ourselves tucked safely behind it. The problems of the world dare not touch us behind this fence. Behind this fence, we can let our guard down and pretend that our lives are so much richer than those of our neighbors.

We dare not admit to ourselves or anyone else that our life behind this fence is not always so peachy keen. We do not utter a word about how our spouse is on the verge of leaving or that the kids are picking up on the bad vibes between Mommy and Daddy.

Instead, we host backyard barbecues, stress out over which baked goods to bring to the monthly fundraiser at church, and debate whether contacting our ex-flame on Facebook is really considered cheating.

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