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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Freewriting Series: Puddles vs. Oceans

How many times have you thought that your friendship or relationship was deeper than it actually was?

I have fallen into the trap of attaching deep meaning to superficial associations. I blame my mind, because my heart is actually pretty no-nonsense when it comes to these things. Alas, my mind in all its infinite swirling can build castles out of pup tents and put a spin on almost anything.

This past year, I have shattered a lot of illusions that I was carrying about the people around me. I had to downgrade the status of many people in my life from friend to acquaintance. In addition, I had to also admit that an infinitely charming significant other was pulling some seriously shady crap that I ultimately could not abide by. 

In my mind, I had likened these associations to sailing in a yacht on the ocean.  However,  in reality it turns out that I was merely splashing through puddles in a parking lot.

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