Odd and Ends in the Kitchen

Today's post is dedicated to World Food Day.  Late last week, I registered with the Blog Action Day website to write a post involving food.

I added leftover raspberries and blueberries to this cake.

During my childhood, both of my parents drilled into me the importance of not wasting food.

My  mother was very skilled at  making casseroles out of odds and ends leftover from both the refrigerator and pantry.

In addition, she also used leftover hamburger and hot dog buns as the bread component of open-faced sandwiches. Remainder pieces of hard cheeses were either used in soups, salads, and/or served as an appetizer. Leftover fruit was chopped up and  served with  either chocolate or caramel on top.

Years later, I have put my mother's tutelage of cooking with odds and ends to work. As a result,  I have created  some of my best recipes from random leftover ingredients in my food larder.

For example, I once  used chopped up pieces of lime as an ingredient in a brown rice and chicken dish. The lime spruced up the taste and brought a little summer to the otherwise cold weather dish. As I took the first delicious bite, I gave a silent thanks to my mother for teaching me how to be creative with leftover ingredients.

Unfortunately, there are way too many folks in the world and in our own communities whom are lucky if they can even scrounge up any type of food at all. Leftovers are an unfamiliar concept to them.

Yet, we can all do something about this. Donating  cans of vegetables to a local food kitchen, cooking up a few casseroles for a needy family in our neighborhood, starting a community garden, or even donating money to an international charity are all ways to help fight hunger.

Let's all do our part.


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