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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Loser Spirit Series: Introduction

Recently, I had a long discussion with a good friend of mine about the reasons why some of us are unable to overcome the negativity from our pasts. I made the argument that it is completely up to the individual to move on from a crappy past and step into a  brighter future. My friend countered that it is difficult for many people to move on, because they are wrestling with a Loser Spirit which they carry with them everywhere. 

According to my friend, it is not  so easy to get rid of the Loser Spirit. It takes a whole lot of determination, inner strength, and discipline to completely exorcise it from one's life.

After our conversation, I began to review the not so bright moments of my own past. I have spent most my life being a warrior, but I recalled  during  most of my 20's there were elements of the Loser Spirit prevalent in my life.

During that time, I was also attracting needy and toxic men into my realm. I was so wrapped up in trying to control the world at large that I barely noticed the high toxicity level of my relationships. In addition, I was obsessed with proving my past detractors wrong, which led me to make decisions based solely on validating my bruised ego. Apparently, the Loser Spirit had me in its clutches for a good five years before I was able to flee it.
The Loser Spirit is like all of the Frenemies wrapped up in one. It constantly holds us back and just when we think that we have escaped returns with a vengeance.

In honor of my very illuminating discussion with my dear friend, I am creating a series of blogposts discussing the ways in which the Loser Spirit negatively affects relationships, friendships, family dynamics, careers, and our individual growth.  My goal in writing these blogspots is to drag the Loser Spirit out in the open.


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