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Rockin' A New Groove: 5 Types of People You Want on Your Transitional Team


A few months ago, I stepped out of the metaphorical darkness and into the light of a new life.  One of the best parts of this new life are the people whom have assisted me during this difficult, yet very necessary transition.  During this experience, I witnessed first hand the importance of having the following 5 types of people on my transitional team:

1. Mentors
Mentors have been where you are and they know first-hand what it takes to get back on the right track. They have a lot of wisdom to share. So, you best listen up and take notes! A majority of my mentors kept in touch with me through Facebook, phone calls, and texts. However, I was also very fortunate to be "adopted" by two New England Aunties. These ladies gave me lots of love, great advice, and helped me   take my game to another level.

2. Social Chairs
These folks have access to a whole network of people and organizations. They will keep your calendar booked up. I joined a couple of social groups and I have to say that this is one of the things that kept sane during my Dark Night of the Soul. At one point, I had five weekends booked up in a row. In other words, I literally had no time to sit around feeling sorry for myself.

3. Training Wheels
Training wheels serve to get you back into the dating arena. Generally, there are two types of Training Wheels. Training Wheel type #1 is strictly a platonic situation. For example, during these past few months I have spent many enjoyable weekend mornings having breakfast with a great guy whom I met a few months back  through a social group. Training wheel type #2 is more of a casual dating situation. You get to shake the taint off from your former relationship and have fun at the same time! There is no pressure on either party to walk down the  proverbial aisle. It is based on laughter and having fun. In a training wheel situation, you are not worried abut trying to run a household or dealing with future in-laws, ex-spouses, or anything like that. Instead, it is board games, nerdy conversations, silly television shows, and no intrusions from outside stressors.

4. Supporters
They are there with a kind word and a healthy dose of tough love whenever you need it. Be careful not to take these folks for granted. They are truly a treasure to behold. During my Dark Night of the Soul, my supporters sent me helpful online articles, links to songs on YouTube, and encouraged me to seek spiritual growth from this experience.

5. Roll Dawgs
These folks are down for an impromptu walk around the park, wine-tasting, and/or a spontaneous road trip. Although, you may not talk to them everyday, they are still an important part of your personal growth. Roll Dawgs make great companions, because they are there for you, but at the same time not anchoring you down.


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