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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Undignified Partings


You want out. There is a  friendship, relationship, and/or job which is dragging you down. Perhaps, you are just ready for a fresh start.  You feel as though each passing minute in the current situation is shaving years off of your life.

You want to just to walk out and never look back. You envision a new life without any traces of the same old BS which is making you so unhappy. All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other.
In this electronic age, many people opt to walk out of a situation via text, email, or even Facebook. It is easy to tap a couple of keys and  move onto your new plans very quickly. However, a few months later you will feel extraordinarily guilty for your cowardly exit.

It is important to depart a situation with the same amount if not more grace than in which you entered  into it. In many cases, this means a face to face meeting with those involved in the situation.  (Obviously, a face to face meeting would not apply to leaving an abusive or dangerous situation. That is a different blogpost entirely!)

I have been in situations so emotionally stultifying that I was willing to just leave sans notice and start all over again. Yet, I knew in the long run doing so would only bring an old taint to a new situation. Eventually, the guilt of my abrupt parting would catch up to me. Instead, I chose to put on my grown woman undergarments and gave proper notice of my exodus.

On the other side of it, I have been dumped by friends and significant others via email and text message. The harshest aspect of these breakups was not the dissolution of the relationship. No, I was more upset that the other person chose not to do it face to face.

Ironically, a majority of these cowardly dumpers have tried to come back into my life. But, I made a point to both close and lock the door on them. I wish them well, but I do not want them in my life at all.

Life is complicated enough without dealing with emotional cowards.

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