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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Toxicity Alert: The 5 Types of Folks Whom Drag Us Down

Below are the 5 types of toxic people to avoid when you seek to raise your game up to a whole 'notha level:

  1. Anchorweights are people whom drag you down. In other words, you will always have limited success until you get rid of your anchorweight. Anchorweights are notorious for manipulating you into rescuing them from their world of perpetual bad decisions. They live in a quagmire of irresponsibility and somethin'-for-nuthinitis. The higher you climb, the more they drag you down into their neverending realm of BS. 
  2. Chronic blamers have a disease called "it's not my faulitis". In the world of a chronic blamer, it is always someone else's fault. They rarely take responsibility for anything. Instead, they spend a majority of the time being stuck in the past. Please also note that a chronic blamer  is not above selling you out to save their own skin. 
  3. Frenemies are to be avoided at all costs. Sometimes, it is difficult to identify your frenemies are.Often times they are folks whom once shared a true friendship with you. However, over time their   resentment and jealousy towards you turned them into saboteurs. These are the most dangerous of the toxic people, because you never see what they are up to until it is too late. (I have dealt with a whole friends turned frenemies thing and it is not pleasant. Luckily, I am a resilient person and sneak attacks from frenemies never took me out of commission for very long.)
  4. Cult leader wannabes demand total fanatical loyalty from their flock. You can often find these folks holding themselves out as mentors. Granted, they are intelligent, however their controlling tendencies will keep you caught up in a whirl of silly psychodrama. Psychodrama is bad for your brand.
  5. Co-signors will tell you what you want to hear no matter what. Most likely, because you are probably paying their way and they do not want to jeopardize your goodwill by telling you the truth. A co-signor will not speak up when you are headed down the wrong road. Instead, they will watch you go over the edge, shrug their shoulders casually, and move onto the next shiny object. Co-signors are all about instant gratification. They are unable to handle anything more than that.

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