Saturday Night


I am attending a dinner party in a few hours. I cannot wait to debut my latest recipe for pork ribs marinated in ground ginger and lime juice. In addition, I am also premiering my baked  honey glazed tater tots spritzed with tangelo juice.

Originally, I  had planned on wearing the "infamous" blue dress complete with knee high boots to the party. However, I am going to save that outfit for another occasion. This evening I am going to rock some casual glamour with a transparent off-the-shoulder black blouse, with a black camisole underneath, dark jeans, black half boots with a black cashmere wrap.

I am going for light makeup and my hair will be worn loosely about my shoulders.

It's been a few weeks since I have seen everyone. I cannot wait to catch up and hear how everyone is doing.

My life has changed a lot during the past five months and it has definitely been for the better.


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