Going Beyond in the Kitchen


My childhood consisted of the standard Midwestern faire of meat and potatoes with an occasional Taco Night interspersed therein. This lack of culinary diversity fueled my curiosity for mingling different flavors together.

Sometimes, I ended up with an atomically good flavor combination. During my preteen years, I experimented a lot with cooking with BBQ sauce. I came up with a recipe for BBQ Polish sausage pizza with American cheese on white or wheat bread.

However, there were other times in which I learned bitter lessons. For example, I assaulted my macaroni and hamburger casserole with too much garlic salt. My taste buds still wince whenever I recall that unfortunate culinary misstep.

This was back in the mid-80's, way before people embraced BBQ sauce as something that goes on pizza. (I would like to think that at even age ten, I was pushing culinary limits.)
Admittedly, I felt self-conscious when I first began pushing the limits of my palate. I felt as though I was taking bougieness to a whole 'notha level pretension. Yet, I see so many of us struggling with our weight because we are either dining out all of the time or consuming processed food like there is no tomorrow. I wonder how much healthier we could all be if we went beyond ourselves in the kitchen.


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