Flexibility in the Kitchen

Last year, I created a book proposal for a romantic food memoir/cookbook. Then, I went through a major life change and had to revamp the entire book proposal. I remember feeling very annoyed at having to change the whole focus of the book. I had worked very hard on that book proposal.

Several months later, I am able to see that revamping the book proposal will  actually be a blessing in the long run. This whole situation has clearly illustrated  for me the importance of being flexible when life throws you a couple of unexpected curve balls.

In cooking, sometimes recipes do not turn out the way they are supposed to. Perhaps, we forgot to add a key ingredient or despite our best efforts, it just does not taste good. We could choose to throw down our spoon and have a tantrum about our failed culinary attempt. Or we could cook something else entirely and move on from it.

Flexibility in the kitchen guarantees that even after an unexpected  culinary disaster occurs, we can still salvage the rest of the meal.


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