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Friday, February 25, 2011

Attachment vs. Love


He wants to know why I have chosen to to let him go so quickly. He has incorrectly surmised that my detachment from the relationship means that I never cared about him in the first place.

Oh, I cared alright. Perhaps, too much in fact. During the relationship, I became overly attached to his needs and virtually ignored my own. After the relationship ended, I found myself slowly detaching from it. My love for him did not waver, but the attachment to our relationship has lessened over time. I no longer grow misty-eyed whenever I recall, our carefully crafted future plans.

I am captain of my own ship again. Admittedly, it was somewhat difficult to untether myself from the dock that was our relationship. I still miss cooking big meals, date nights, and the sound of his heavy footsteps on the back stairs of the apartment.

However, we cannot sustain our lives solely on pleasant memories. Life demands that we keep moving onto the next stage.

Attachment requires that we stay emotionally chained to someone without regard to what is best for both parties. Love instinctively knows that things fall apart, so that better things can come together. 

Overall, this experience has taught me the proper way in which to let a relationship go and still carry love in my heart for the other person.

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