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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What This Fight is Really About


We are having our first fight and it is scary. I am thrown off, because it came out of nowhere. My mind has gone into quick analysis mode and it keeps coming up with the same answer. This argument has nothing to do with us as a couple.It is all about his painful past which I have not been privy to. I am an outsider in the argument. He is lashing out at the world whilst battling his own inner demons.

The air is thick with unresolved issues and the sickeningly sweet aroma of overwrought nostalgia. I have a feeling that this is a defense mechanism which has kept others at arm's length.

My first instinct is to warn him about setting up camp in the dusky corridors of the past. I know from first-hand experience that this can only end badly for him. Alas, he is determined to play out this drama. I have no choice but, to sit on the couch and watch the demise of our relationship.

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