My Inner Foodie

Sometimes, my inner foodie cries out for me to create more complex recipes. She urges me to buy expensive and exotic ingredients...which I will most likely fritter away through the tedious process of trial and error.

In addition, she yearns to enroll into pricey cooking classes, which I will most likely not apply to my everyday life.
In the past, I have attempted to satisfy her  outrageous demands by reading numerous books and articles about cooking.

I have spent many Saturday mornings watching countless hours of television cooking shows.

Yet, still she refuses to be sated with my efforts.

No, my inner foodie wishes to be where the action is and she is not gonna take “No” for an answer.

This has prompted me to dip my toe into the waters of food writing and the creation of recipes.

I am hopeful that these endeavors will quiet her down… at least for a little while.


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