Low Impact Paella


I am craving an exotic dish, but after shelling money for rent, utilities, and student loans…there’s not a lot of cash left for fancy ingredients. Outside, the weather is damp and rainy. I am not inspired to take on the elements for the sake of a meal. It is my pantry to the rescue!

Upon further investigation of my larder, I find a bag of brown rice, a yellow onion, sliced green olives, mushrooms, shrimp (already cooked), extra virgin olive oil, a lemon, and chicken broth.

I start by heating up a pot full of water. After the water has reached a boiling point, next I carefully pour in the cup of brown rice. As the brown rice simmers on the stovetop, I rinse the yellow onion and mushrooms. After the yellow onion and mushrooms are chopped, I heat up a medium sized pan of extra virgin olive oil.

Next, I gently place the shrimp into the pan , letting them simmer on a low flame for a few minutes. Then, I add in the yellow onion, mushrooms, green olives. Around this time, I check on the brown rice. After the brown rice is ready, I turn off the stove burner and drain the rice into a colander over the kitchen sink.

I place 2 cups of chicken broth into the pot. Next, I heat up the chicken broth for a few minutes and then add the brown rice into the pot. My kitchen is filled with the gentle aroma of shrimp and yellow onions. My mouth is watering and I am tempted to devour the shrimp and veggies sans the brown rice. Fortunately, the brown rice and broth are finished. I remove the heat from the pan of shrimp and veggies. I spoon the shrimp and veggies into the pot of brown rice. I turn the stove burner down and zest the lemon into the pot.

I slowly stir the contents around in the pot. Then, I add a few dashes of cracked black pepper into the pot.
Ten minutes later, I am enjoying a steaming bowl of low-impact paella.


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